Glenrock Cemetery, Nemaha County, Nebraska, USA

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As of April 22, 2010 there were 489 known burials in this cemetery. The oldest known grave is that of Henry Higgins who died 30 Oct 1863 at the age of 29 years, 3 months, and 16 days. Henry and fifteen others are known to have been buried at Glenrock before it was officially designated as a cemetery.

Cemetery Clean-up Day

Clean-up day in April 2002 was so successful, the Association established an annual clean-up day in April each year. We focus on tree planting, trimming, lawn smoothing, grave leveling, stone repair, resetting and fence cleaning. People and equipment are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Please note: All persons and families owning a lot are members of the Glenrock Cemetery Association. Your Association welcomes donations of your time and funding, as well as comments and suggestions for maintaining and improving the premises.

2004 newspaper article

Glenrock Cemetery Enclosed by Fencing Thanks to People's Generosity & Efforts

Thanks to the generosity and efforts of a number of people, Glenrock Cemetery is now completely enclosed by fence. Until recently, the cemetery located northwest of Auburn had only wrought iron fencing on one side.

New chain link fencing added to the other three sides was built by Harley Goings of Tecumseh. Project Chairman Glade Goings also did much of the preparation work along with Bob and Scott Teten, Dennis Lavigne and others.

Cemetery Fence

GLENROCK CEMETERY is maintained by a number of families whose surnames can be found on the gravestones. An annual clean-up is held each April to begin Memorial Day preparations for the submitted

Generous Donations Received

The Glenrock Cemetery Association is appreciative of the generous donations received from Clyle LaVigne, Gary and Beverly LaVigne, Elaine Burt and Sandra and Owen Knippelmeyer to make the project possible. Further improvements to the cemetery are in the planning stages as the Association strives to keep the grounds a place of beauty and serenity.

Glenrock Cemetery Association Board of Trustees members are Robert Teten as chairman; Scott Teten, vice-chair; Mary Beth Kernes, secretary; Ruth Leslie, treasurer; and Glade Goings, Dennis Lavigne and Roger Clark—trustees.

The former town of Glenrock, now known as Old Glenrock, was platted and dedicated on Sept. 8, 1857, ten years before Nebraska became a state. Eight other Nemaha County towns were proposed that same year and of that group only Nemaha and Peru still exist.

Glenrock Cemetery came into existence in 1874 with the transfer of a little over one acre of land to the Trustees of the Glenrock Burial Lots. Two later additions increased the cemetery to its present size of about 3.25 acres.

Thirty-three veterans are among those interred in the cemetery, including some who fought in the Civil War. Each year on Memorial Day weekend, American flags are placed at the veterans' markers to commemorate their military service.

The Association is responsible for planting trees, resetting and repairing stones, maintaining the lawn and other cemetery-related matters.

Donations may be sent to the Glenrock Cemetery Assn. at 63735 733 A Road, Auburn, NE 68305.

Cemetery's Location

The cemetery is located six miles north of Auburn on Highway 75, then west two miles on Highway 67 (or the Brock Road) and then south one-half mile on a rocked road.


THIS PERMANENT MARKER identifies people whose generosity helped to completely fence in Glenrock Cemetery.

Author - Ruth Damon Leslie
Published June 15, 2004 in the Auburn Press-Tribune (Auburn, Nebraska).

Surnames found in the Glenrock Cemetery:

Adamson, Adcock, Alexander, Barber, Barnard, Barnett, Baylor, Beatty, Biggs, Bishop, Bourlier, Bretey, Briles, Brooks, Brown, Buckridge, Bunford, Burress, Burson, Chiles, Christian, Claire, Clarke, Coles, Conn, Cook, Cooper, Coulon, Curtis, Davis, Doolittle, Douglas, Dundas, Eads, Edmisten, Edwards, Epler, Fasick, Ferguson, Fletcher, Foster, Fox, Fuller, Gash, Ghumm, Gill, Goings, Good, Grafton, Graham, Granger, Green, Grunwald, Haith, Hallam, Hardenberger, Harms, Harpham, Hauptman, Hayes, Head, Headley, Heckathorn, Higgins, Horn, Hutton, Johnson, Jones, Kernes, Kinart, Lavigne (LaVigne), Leeper, Leffert, Leist, Leslie, Lockwood, Luce, Lyon (Lyons), Mallory, Marchand, Markland, Maxey, McConnell, McGrew, Mclntyre, McVay, Merkel, Mignery, Mills, Minery, Minnig, Morely, Morley, Mosier, Mullins, Nahkunst, Oetjen, Pepper, Peters, Pickner, Pratt, Quante, Redding, Reimers, Robinson, Sage, Sattler, Schlitt, Schneidewind, Shallenberger, Shepardson, Shrewsbury, Sloan, Smith, Snooker, Starr, Stewart, Stites, Swift, Sydow, Teten, Tritsch, Tucker, Van Winkle (Vanwinkle), Walter, Watkins, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wintjen, Worrell, Wren

Land Records

You can see copies of the land records for this cemetery by clicking here. Please note they are rather large files and may take awhile to load.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
Glenrock Cemetery Treasurer
63735 733 A Rd
Auburn, NE 68305.

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