Glenrock Cemetery, Nemaha County, Nebraska, USA


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SurnameGiven NamesBornDiedAgedSectionRemarks
AdamsonAlma E.18941977Centerlarge family stone
AdamsonAlvin A.18841913Center
AdamsonCaroline18641944CenterMother - large family stone
AdamsonEleanor Y.9 Nov 1925Southlarge family stone
AdamsonGeorge18471937CenterFather - large family stone
AdamsonGertrude Watkins18811916Centerwife of Thomas J. - large family stone
AdamsonJohn Kizer18581944Centerlarge family stone
AdamsonMaude1916CenterOur Baby - 1916 only date -- large family stone
AdamsonThelma June7 Apr 192231 May 1922Centerdaughter of T.J. & A.E. Adamson - large family stone
AdamsonThomas J.18811934Centerlarge family stone
AdamsonThomas J.27 Apr 192423 Jan 1981Southlarge family stone
AdcockOpal M.18 Aug 190411 Jun 1995Center
AlexanderJohn T.18421908CenterFather - soldier US marker
BarberG.F.25 Dec 182925 Mar 1900North
BarberMargaret1 Feb 183512 Jun 1902Northwife of G.F. Barber - In Memory of our Parents
BarberPeter14 Mar 18768 Sep 1905North
BarnardCharles A.18741940Center
BarnardO'Beara A.18791947Center
BarnardVincent Coleman13 Apr 191114 Apr 1988CenterSSgt US Army Air Corps WWII
BarnettDwayne Denver27 Dec 19725 Jul 2000SouthBarnett Construction call Heaven - Father of Dakotah, Amber, Mikhaila
BarnettHarold J Jr.29 Dec 19443 Aug 2001SouthSP5 US Army Vietnam - Military marker.
BaylorAgness H.9 May 180710 Oct 1865Northwife of Jacob Baylor
BeattyVina18931978CenterRebehka marker
BiggsW. W.15 Aug 187128 Jan 1909Centeralso small stone with Will on it
BishopFrancis A.31 Dec 187627y 5m 27dNorthdaughter of Wm & Mary A. Bishop
BishopJames13 Jan 188480y 11 m 4dNorth
BourlierAugust29 Oct 186222 Jul 1911CenterIOOF marker
BourlierClifford C.13 Aug 19196 Dec 1977CenterPFC Us Army WWII - Am Legion
BourlierEffie L.19021994Center
BourlierFlora L.18761947Center
BourlierFloyd L.19118 Mar 194230y 3m 18dCenterlarge head stone & small stone funeral home marker
BourlierIrvin L.16 Oct 19083 Sep 19101y 10m19dCenterson of James & Flora Bourlier
BourlierJames15 Aug 187216 Sep 1960Center
BourlierJames30 Nov 182025 Jul 1889North
BourlierJohn J.19212006Center
BourlierLlyle D.5 Apr 19156 Nov 1985SouthUS Navy WWII
BourlierMary17 Dec 182010 Dec 1891North
BourlierMillie24 Mar 187130 Dec 1942Center
BourlierSidney R.18981960Center
BourlierWilliam15 Mar 188430 Aug 1911Centeralso small stone to south of large stone
BreteyMary29 Jun 187474y10m 5dNorthwife of Peter Bretey
BreteyPeirre C.5 Feb 186970y 5dNorth
BrooksCharles E.18 Apr 18807 Feb 1882Northson of W.H. & S.J. Brooks
BrownGeorge B.24 Dec 18671 Jan 1943Center
BrownMelvin5 Jul 190015 Apr 1985CenterPvtUS Army WWII
BrownVictora21 Oct 186716 Apr 1965Center
BuckridgeSarah Elizabeth31 Jan 187621 Oct 1893Northwife of James A. Buckridge
BunfordMargret Ann Pepper4 Feb 183022 Mar 187747y 1m 18dNorthMother
BunfordSarah J.16 Nov 187640yNorthwife of Thos Bunford
BurressC. Livonia2 Jun 186317 Nov 1934NorthDaughter
BurressJuliana24 Feb 191184y 3m 12dNorthwife of Thomas Burress
BurressNancy F.21 Feb 187418y 11m 24dNorthdaughter of T. & J.A. Burress
BurressThomas26 Feb 189770y 1m 2dNorth
BursonNancy24 Feb 18189 Mar 1903NorthMother
ChilesCrete18831917CenterOES marker -- large Chiles marker
ClaireJule6 Jul 18783 Oct 18802y 3mNorthdaughter of Auguste & Emilie Claire
ClaireNora10 Dec 187924 Oct 188010m 14dNorthdaughter of Auguste & Emilie Claire
ClarkeRoger V.19492007Southsons R. Timothy & John E. grandchildren Chayse-Hope-Colton-Jacob
ColesRollie T.11 May 1938NorthNE. Wagoner 24MG Bn 8 Div - Am Leg
ConnAdelbert (Kelly)18901961Centerparents of Lloyd, Vern, Jack, Esther, Harvey, Kelly, Norma, Jim, Judy
ConnBlanche H.18951955Centerparents of Lloyd, Vern, Jack, Esther, Harvey, Kelly, Norma, Jim, Judy
ConnEleanor E. Harms19152003Southm. 30 Jun 1940
ConnHarvey D.18 Aug 192618 Oct 1968CenterTEC5 736ENGR HV Shop CO WWII
ConnKelly B.7 Apr 192910 Nov 1995Southfather of David K. & Lance B. -- war vet marker
ConnMartina L. 'Tina'22 Feb 19478 Jan 1910Southmother of David & Lance - grandmother of Kelly Christine
ConnVern L.19171985Southm. 30 Jun 1940
CookRobert L.24 Sep 188617yNorthson of C.L. & Mary S. Cook
CooperClarinda11 Mar 185523 Apr 190651y 1m 12dNorthwife of R.W. Cooper
CooperDaisy D.19011964South
CooperS. Josephine18751956Center
CooperWilliam M.14 Mar 187611y 4mNorthson of John & Latelia(?) Cooper
CooperWilliam Riley18651938Center
CoulonAlphonse L.6 Oct 1842(blank)Center
CoulonG.F.24 May 186120 Dec 1916Center
CoulonLouise F.25 Dec 182530 Jun 1911CenterMother - wife of Alphonse L Coulon
CurtisEmma Jane18711968SouthMother
CurtisRobert Harold19101934North
DavisDwendell15 Nov 191224 Jun 1917Northson of Robert & Stella Davis
DavisElnora May18901891North
DavisFlora M.4 Jun 185926 Sep 1940NorthMother - large family stone
DavisLavina Leist18401922NorthMother - wife of C.W. Davis
DavisLeora Muriel18901983North
DavisRobert O.18831974Center
DavisStella E.18931969Centerrebehka marker
DavisWillard3 Apr 18813 Apr 1882Northson of George W. Davis
DavisWilliam M.18471933NorthFather - large family stone
DoolittleThomas A.15 Jan 18852y 4m 15dNorthson of W.I. & Sarah B. Doolittle
DundasJames25 Sep 187070yNorth
DundasMary Alice29 Sep 18734 Sep 1874Northfoster daughter of J.H. & W.J. Dundas
EadsEloise N.19131972South
EadsPaul L.19101975South
EadsPhilip L.12 Dec 195317 Sep 1912South
EdmistenBertha C.16 Jan 18852y 1m 12dNorthdaughter of J.H. & L.L. Edmisten
EdwardsCatherine26 Jul 184327 Feb 1928CenterMother - wife of John R. Edwards
EdwardsCharles E.3 Nov 186631 May 1899North
EdwardsElizabeth R.11 Jan 18739 Mar 1875Northdaughter of J.R. & C. Edwards
EdwardsElizabeth R.9 Mar 18732y 1m 25dNorthdaughter of J.I. Edwards
EdwardsFlora 0.1 Sep 18891 Apr 1977North
EdwardsHarry W.23 Jul 187812 Feb 1879Northson of J.R. & C. Edwards
EdwardsJessee Lee19 Apr 18851y 10mNorthson of A. (?) Edwards
EdwardsJohn R.1 Mar 184113 Apr 1917CenterFather - GAR marker
EdwardsMillard A.3 Dec 188426 Feb 1968North
EdwardsNettie L.18691918Centerlarge Head marker
FasickBarbara E.18 May 18831y 4m 18dNorthdaughter of Scott & Malinda Fasick
FergusonDora L.8 Nov 187419 Mar 1943Center
FergusonEdwin C.17 Sep 186614 May 1958Center
FletcherCharles F.20 Jul 181124 Jul 1882NorthFather
footstone onlyNorthfootstone w/initials S.H.
FosterCatherine6 Jan 18148 Dec 1887North
FoxBonnie Lucile24 Nov 193310 May 1934North
FullerFrank H.12 Mar 187220 Sep 1944NorthFather
GashGeorge W.29 Jun 18567 Apr 1900NorthFather
GashMelissa V.22 Jul 188626yNorthwife of G.W. Gash
GhummOlen Paul3 Nov 1929NorthNE Cpl USMC-Am Legion
GillArlington W.29 Dec 186118 Aug 1896Northson of J. & OA. Gill
GillCynthia28 Jul 190271y 3m 17dNorthwife of J. Gill
GillJonathan30 Jul 188155y 6dNorth
GillPhebe Estella12 Aug 185611 Sep 1889Northdaughter of J. & C.A. Gill
GoingsAlice T5 Feb 19073 May 1995Center
GoingsDonna Bell (Smith)8 Oct 192010 Feb 2012South
GoingsDwight R.19011961Center
GoingsElla J.18731935Center
GoingsFloyd Gale4 Oct 191913 Jun 1996South
GoingsFloyd H.12 Sep 18984 Aug 1974Center
GoingsLoren L.26 Nov 192717 Jul 2012Center
GoingsOlive19021947Centerdaughter of White & Ella Goings
GoingsOlive E.18771913Center
GoingsRose L.1 Apr 190013 Oct 1988Center
GoingsWhite S.18691952Center
GoingsWilliam I.18951940Center
GoodEddy18 May 18803dNorthson of Jacob & B.E. Good
GoodEulala17 Feb 188770y 9m 3dNorthwife of S.J. Good
GoodEvet E.15 Dec 18753 Jan 1879Northson of J.W. & R.M. Good
GoodJ. N.18 May 189475yNorth(in bushes)
GoodJoseph W.18541930NorthFather
GoodOliver2 Mar 184629 Aug 1921North
GoodRosalinda M.18581941NorthMother
GoodSalathiel J.23 Feb 188770y 10m 22dNorth
GraftonJohn Ward16 Aug 19112008South
GraftonOpal (Lyon)25 Oct 191512 May 2002Southm.5 Apr 1941
Graham(none)15 Dec 189627 Dec 1896Northson of J.D. & Clara B.
GrahamA. Clifton (Dr.)18911932NorthHusband - Am Legion
GrahamAlfred25 Jun 18763y 9mNorthson of George W. & B.E. Graham
GrahamBuelah F.23 Mar 189010m 6dNorthdaughter of J.D. & Clara B. Graham
GrahamCarl Vance19081976SouthPvt US Army WWII
GrahamCharles F.18861888North
GrahamClara B.18661941North
GrahamElizabeth28 Mar 187878y 3m 25dNorthwife of Jessie Graham
GrahamElizabeth20 Aug 187135y 6m 4dNorthMother - wife of George W. Graham
GrahamGeorge W.28 May 188454y 27dNorthFather
GrahamJesse D.18551929Northno surname on stone
GrahamJohn25 Jan 187630y 9m 13dNorthson of J. & E. Graham
GrahamLena M.18951988Center
GrahamLloyd N.18921969CenterWWI
GrahamT.J.4 Dec 187871y 1m27dNorth
GrahamVaughn B.8 Oct 190630 Oct 1992SouthUS Army WWII
GrangerJames Leroy28 Mar 188920 Aug 1968NorthPFC Cas Det 663 Demob GP WWI -US WW I Vet marker
GreenDavid18381907NorthCo A 45 Reg Ohio Vol Inf - GAR
GreenR. Anna18721947CenterMother - family stone
GreenU.G.18641936CenterFather - family stone
GrunwaldEmil E.1 Oct 190211 Aug 1982Center
GrunwaldZola G.12 Feb 190826 Sep 1998CenterFLT marker - Am Legion Aux marker- Ladies Aux VFW marker
HaithHelen I.19121976CenterMother
HaithLeslie 'Job'3 Jan 190625 Apr 1982Center
HallamAgnes M.18 Mar 187426y 6mNorthwife of T. L. Hallam
HardenbergerAva M.-19011986Center-
HardenbergerEarl M.18961964CenterWWI
HardenbergerEarl M. Jr.19251991CenterTEC 5 US Army WWII
HarmsVirginia Maxey19181996Center
HarphamJohn D.14 Jul 19165 Oct 1993CenterSSGT US Army WWII
HarphamJoseph18891974CenterAm Legion marker
HarphamJoseph Edgar19201928Center
HarphamMary Jane18901950CenterAm Legion Auxiliary marker
HarphamWilliam D.13 Feb 19238 Aug 1942CenterPvt 2 Regt USMC 2 Div - WWII
HauptmanAlice M. Olson4 Mar 19028 Nov 1999Center
HauptmanHerman A.18611950CenterRebehka marker
HauptmanHerman Ray7 Jul 18943 Feb 1970CenterNE CPL 20 Co 3 Regt Air Svc WW I. - children: Herman, Reba, Verda, Sarene, Leatrice, Beverly
HauptmanMarie O'Neil19011986Centerchildern: Herman, Reba, Verda, Sarene, Leatrice, Beverly
HauptmanSarah E.18721941CenterRebehka marker
HauptmanWilbur M.8 Feb 190029 Feb 1940Center
HayesLucy A.20 Apr 185812 May 1935CenterMother - footstone
HayesNathaniel L.9 Apr 185426 Jan 1926CenterFather - footstone
HeadDon19452005SouthSSG US Army Vietnam
HeadIrvin E.19071981South
HeadJoseph E.18641961Centerlarge Head marker
HeadMillard A.19101974Centerlarge Head marker
HeadleyCleo A.19061984Center
HeadleyLeland G.18971964Center
HeckathornMartha J.9 Jan 18472 Nov 1920Northdaughter of Susan J. Wilcox
HigginsAlbert S.18621936North
HigginsAndrew W.18271908CenterFather - large family stone
HigginsCressy22 Dec 187519 Apr 1894Northson of F. & L. Higgins
Higginsdaughter4 Jan 18995 Jan 1899Northdaughter of A.S. & J.E. Higgins
HigginsDennis W.9 Jun 18711y 2m 21dNorthson of J. & Mary F. Higgins
HigginsEthel30 Jul 188119 Feb 1903North
HigginsGeorge5 Feb 19055 Feb 1905North
HigginsH. Floyd18521935Centerlarge family stone
HigginsHenry30 Oct 186329y 3m 16dNorth
HigginsIda May18 Mar 187416dNorthchild of Jonathan & Mary F. Higgins
HigginsInfant Son25 Jun 18898 Aug 1889Northson of H.F. & Libbie Higgins
HigginsJane28 Jun 181710 Aug 1883Northwife of Vincent Higgins
HigginsJohn F.18571917Center
HigginsJulia E.2 Dec 18755 Feb 1905Northwife of A.S. Higgins
HigginsLettie Gertrude12 Jul 18885m 15dNorthdaughter of A.C. & M.E. Higgins
HigginsLibbie18541934Centerlarge family stone
HigginsMargaret Emeline18 Apr 186614 Feb 1888Northwife of Albert C Higgins - b. Grayson Co. VA
HigginsMary18351908CenterMother - large family stone
HigginsOliver B.8 Apr 18742y 1m 6dNorthson of J. & Mary F. Higgins
HigginsOssie27 Nov 18748m 25dNorthchild of Jonathan & Mary F. Higgins
HigginsSarah A.11 Jul 1880unreadableNorthdaughter of Jarnes(?) & Kate Higgins
HigginsW. Ruppert3 Apr 18953 Aug 1895North
HornJulia A. Cook18561934North
HuttonMargarret E.18491931Center
HuttonWilliam T.18481913Center
IllegibleCentercement marker
IllegibleNorth10 x 12 inch stone
IllegibleNorthcement base only
IllegibleNorthcement spire
IllegibleNorthbroken marker
JohnsonDaniel M.28 Apr 183927 Feb 1897NorthFather
JohnsonGeorge T.5 Apr 188128 Feb 1953Center
JohnsonHannah E.4 Nov 185623 Oct 1932NorthMother
JohnsonLloyd Vernon22 Oct 19202 Nov 1991CenterWWII
JohnsonMarjorie Goings12 Apr 192231 May 1951Center
JohnsonZora A.2 May 188511 Feb 1987Center
JonesCharles B.18991944CenterFather
JonesDelphia A.19041980CenterMother - Rebehka marker
JonesFay F.18951976Center
JonesFettie W.5 Apr 18698m 8dNorthchild of E.M. & N.A. Jones
Jonesinfant daughter6 Mar 1870Northdaughter of E.M. & N.A. Jones
JonesWilliam R.18771963Center
KernesBenjamin 0 Jr.24 Aug 193923 Nov 1996Southm. 29 Dec 1963
KernesMary Beth2 Aug 19452008Southm. 29 Dec 1963 parents of Elizabeth, Thomas, Juliet
KinartJackie L.1936Center1936 only date
KinartWayne L.19121964Center
LavigneAlan Bruce11 Feb 194012 Feb 1997Southson of George & Della
LaVigneClyle A24 Feb 1929Southm. 5 Sep 1950
LavigneDella M.19161988Southm. 12 Jan 1935
LavigneDennis R.27 Nov 194115 May 2006Southm. 28 Oct 1966 - Parents of Wendy & Brian
LaVigneErma Faye (Gaylord)30 Mar 192919 May 2001Southm. 5 Sep 1950
LaVigneGary D.195230 Dec 2003Southm. 11 Sep 1976 - stone includes wife Beverly - still living - parents of Paul, Ryan & Vanessa
LavigneGeorge W.19081979Southm. 12 Jan 1935
LaVigneGreg A 'Wien'1 Sep 195925 Sep 2000Southson of Clyle & Erma Faye; father of Cole & Sydney; (Gone Fishing)
LavigneHenry A.18671946Center
LaVigneHenry L.18971986Center
LavigneKenneth J.1 Aug 1947Southm. 19 Jul 1997 - children - Kristina - Janeen - Gabriel - Sheena
LavigneMary L.18681948Center
LavignePamela S. (Cox)-Kowalek25 May 1950Southm. 19 Jul 1997 - children - Kristina - Janeen - Gabriel - Sheena
LaVignePeter J.18931971Center
LavigneRaymond Everette28 Dec 1910Northson of H.A. & M.L. Lavigne
LavigneSally B. (Gnade)Southm. 28 Oct 1966 - Parents of Wendy & Brian
LaVigneVera M Goings18971998Center[maiden name: Epler]
LeeperDora E.18671937NorthMother
LeeperJohn W.18641937NorthFather
LeeperLivona8 Nov 190026 Jan 1902Northdaughter of John & Dora Leeper
LeffertDonna L.19122001South
LeffertHarry T.19071974SouthWWII marker
LeistAddison Carl10 May 18852y 1dNorthson of L. & C. Leist
LeslieJack Leroy22 Aug 19314Jun1994Southm.22 Jul 1952 - US AirForce Korea - Vet marker
LeslieLillian May20 Jan 190830 Oct 1935North
LeslieRuth (Damon)6 Sep 1931Southour children; Rebecca, Barbara, Gary, Keith, Andrea, Marilyn
LeslieSteven Allen28 May 195430 Sep 1978CenterPvt US Army Vietnam
LockwoodBertha V. Fuller22 Nov 18818 Jun 1955NorthMother
LockwoodBeulah M.19001987Centerm. 15 Feb 1925
LockwoodC. Pete18811982Center
LockwoodCharles A.18781961CenterFather
LockwoodEddie16 Apr 188313dNorthson of George & M. Lockwood
LockwoodEllen L.(?)1 Oct 188337y 3m 10dNorthwife of A. Lockwood
LockwoodEllen M.4 Sep 185624 Jun 1940CenterMother
LockwoodFred C.19131999South
LockwoodGeorge14 Dec 190868y 2m 3dNorth
LockwoodGeorge P.1 Jan 18854y2m21dNorthson of of George & M. Lockwood
LockwoodJames1 Feb 184811 Nov 1916CenterFather
LockwoodJames H.18701950Center
LockwoodJames W Jr.28 Jul 193524 Oct 1995Center
LockwoodJames W.19021959Centerm. 15 Feb 1925
LockwoodKaren H.12 Sep 18882 Jul 1930Center
LockwoodLarry Lee5 May 1941Center
LockwoodMary2 Sep 189276y 1dNorth
LockwoodMary Jane20 Feb 189342y 5mNorth
LockwoodMaude F.18821930CenterRebehka marker
LockwoodRachel J.18781947CenterMother
LockwoodThomas10 Feb 189577yNorth
LockwoodWilliam T.1 Jan 18795 Apr 1927Center
LuceCatherine S (LaVigne)19032001South
Luceinfant daughter6 Nov 1926Northdaughter of W.M. & .S. Luce
LuceWilliam M.19001970South
LyonC. Burel19001969South
LyonClifton W.16 Oct 18948 Feb 1954Centerlarge family stone
LyonEldora V.3Jun 19153 Jul 1916-Centerdaughter of C.L. & L.V. Lyon
LyonFairy I.19001971South
LyonJames William31 Jan 18636 Mar 1938Centerlarge family stone
LyonLillie M.24 Oct 186217 May 1944Centerlarge family stone
LyonRichard L.24 Jan 19221 Mar 1945CenterCPL 304 Inf WWII - large family stone
LyonSteve N.22 Jan 195227 Oct 1989SouthFather of Kari, Jon, Kirk, Jacque - FOE marker
LyonsEdward Ray18901950Centerlarge family stone
LyonsNina Marie18931970Centerlarge family stone
MalloryAmbrose H.18391922NorthFather - GAR
MalloryNora16 Feb 18833wNorthdaughter of A.H. & L. Mallory
MalloryWillie11 Jun 18794mNorthson of A.H. & Lutitia Mallory
MarchandCathrine S.18441926Center
MarchandGwen S.18971980South
MarchandPierre15 Oct 187872yNorth
MarchandRaymond E.4 Apr 18987 Aug 1969SouthPvt Btry A 71 Arty CAC WWI - also military stone
MarklandBlanche E.19151997South
MarklandFrederick R.19091989South
MaxeyJ. Wilbur18711941Center
MaxeyLillie M.18781930Center
McConnellEsther M.24 Dec 192010 Nov 1985South
McConnellRoy A.24 Dec 19173 Mar 2000South
McGrewL.S.30 Sep 182924 Feb 1908North2nd Col Reg - GAR
McGrewPhebe23 Nov 180224 Jan 1879NorthMother - bom Warren Co, Ohio - wife of John McGrew
MclntyreJohn C.18531929North
MclntyreOrville L.22 Aug 191411 Jun 1945CenterPFC 383 Inf 96 Inf Div WWII PH
McVayCharles Lester13 Mar 190331 Jul 1947Center
McVayClaral Everett30 Jul 191411 Apr 1966CenterTEC 5 8 Cavalry WWII BSM-PH
McVayJudy Ann11 Oct 1948Center
McVaySamuel Kenneth4Jun 191730 Jan 1944Center
McVayWm. Cody17 Dec 19132004CenterWWII
MerkelKatie M. Davis28 Dec 188114 Apr 1916Northwife of Dr. A.E. Merkel
MigneryClara18731959Centerpieces of funeral markers(02 Jul 2002)
MigneryUlysses G.21 May 194780y 1m 24dCenterpieces of funeral markers(02 Jul 2002)
MillsFaye Douglas18941949Center
MineryChloe B Branstiter18791969South
MineryHenry H.18811966South
MinnigAlbert H.23 Oct 18833y 1m 3dNorthson of Bearnard & Nancy Minnig
MinnigBearnard H.8 Nov 188444y 1 m 10dNorth
MinnigCharles A.18561920Center
MinnigHenry T.14 May 18666y 3m 20dNorthson of Bearnard & Dorothy Minnig
Minniginfant daughter30 Aug 1873Northdaughter of Bearnard & Nancy Minnig
MinnigMina L.22 Oct 188325 Oct 1884North
MinnigTemple R.14 Oct 18835y 11m 23dNorthchild of Bearnard & Nancy Minnig
MorelyMay Watkins20 Oct 187418 Sep 1966Center
MosierM. Victoria11 Jun 186421 Feb 1896Northwife of Albert J. Mosier
MullinsE.?.20 Oct 1900North
MullinsL.C.10 Feb 1901North
NahkunstHarman6 Aug 186319 Dec 1900North
OetjenAlvin F.5 Jul 19062 Oct 1984South
OetjenEdward H.27 Oct 191321 May 1990SouthWWII marker
OetjenHenry C.18751948Centerlarge family stone
OetjenMinnie M.18801961Centerlarge family stone
OetjenTheodore H4 Aug 190426 Apr 2001Centerlarge family stone
PetersBessie E.1 Feb 189113 Dec 1970Center
PetersFred E. Sr.18 May 18589 Dec 1913Center
PetersGwendolyn A.19211998CenterFOE marker
PetersJohn A.19182006Center
PetersJohn F.30 Oct 188324 May 1975Center
PetersKenneth L25 Nov 1944Centerfather of Kristie L - USN - Proudly served AOC-Retired May 1963- May 1985
PetersRicky W. Jr.5 Nov 19753 Nov 1992CenterSon - Grandson
PetersRose M.21 Oct 188728 May 1913Center
PetersWillis James16 May 19216 Jul 1984CenterUS Coast Guard WWII - military marker
PicknerHarriet L.18631924Center
PicknerJoseph W.18451920Center
PrattElizabeth S.18441918Northlarge family stone
PrattJerome B.18281893Northlarge family stone
PrattSpencer J.18781896Northlarge family stone
QuanteAugust18391920CenterGAR marker - large family stone
QuanteDavid19081917Centerlarge family stone
QuanteRosetta18491910Centerlarge family stone
ReddingEstell18591932Centerlarge family stone
ReddingLettie H.18681950Centerlarge family stone
ReimersAugust F.19161975Centerm. 24 Dec 1938
ReimersBaby20 Jun 191016dCenter
ReimersJeffery Lynn 'Jeff'14 Apr 195513 Feb 2011Center
ReimersMadelyne R.1919Centerm. 24 Dec 1938
ReimersMalinda A.17 Nov 18725 Oct 1876Northchild of August Ferdinand & Mary Elizabeth Whitlow Reimers
ReimersMary C.2 Jul 187818 Sep 18782m 16dNorthchild of August Ferdinand & Mary Elizabeth Whitlow Reimers
ReimersPenelope Kay 'Penni'18 Oct 194625 Apr 201063y 6m 7dSouth[ne Jewell] wife of Jim Reimers - married 22 Nov 1964 - our daughters Lori & Anne
ReimersWilliam T.12 Oct 186930 Oct 1873Northchild of August Ferdinand & Mary Elizabeth Whitlow Reimers
RobinsonM.T.11 Nov 183511 Jun 1903North
SageWilliam E.18891964South
SattlerCaroline18211906Northmother of Henry Lavigne
SchlittBennie29 Jan 18894m26dNorthson of G.(orC) & J.A. Schlitt
SchneidewindGoldie L.19031970South
SchneidewindThomas W.19041978South
ShallenbergerD. Viola19172002South
ShallenbergerEdward C.19132004South
ShepardsonMattie R.18651928Center
ShepardsonMilton C.18461908CenterGAR (war vet marker)
ShrewsburyArnold L.7 Jan 191911 Jul 1977Centerlarge family stone
ShrewsburyErmine Norton1 Jan 19147 Apr 2001Center
ShrewsburyJudith A17 Feb 194711 Nov 1997Centerlarge family stone
ShrewsburyLaura Johnson21 Aug 18856 Nov 1973Center
ShrewsburyLauriene A.(Stites)5 May 19202008Centerlarge family stone
ShrewsburyRobert Carlin7 Aug 188326 Aug 1963Center
ShrewsburyRobert L (Bob)19 May 191625 Sep 1996CenterUS Vet marker
SmithClara Mae30 Aug 18807 Oct 1934NorthMother
SnockerJennie Biggs1 Oct 187610 Mar 1939Centeralso small stone with Jennie Biggs Snocker on it
StarrBert16 Jul 187830 Dec 1902North
StarrCatherine A.25 Oct 184124 Sep 1927North
StarrElbert A.30 Dec 19034y 1m 11dNorthson of W.H. & C.A. Starr
StarrInfant Daughter9 Apr 1889Northdaughter of P.H. & H.A. Starr
StarrinfantsNorthinfants of J.P. & Sarah Starr
StarrLala F.27 Oct 18795y 3m 17dNorthdaughter of William H. & C.A. Starr
StarrLeroy H.2 Nov 187912y 11m 7dNorthson of W.H. & C.A. Starr
StarrLouella H.23 Jul 18883m21dNorthdaughter of P.H. & H.A. Starr
StarrSarah21 Jan 185120 Sep 1882Northwife of J.P. Starr
StarrWilliam H.25 Aug 183911 Jan 1918North
StewartAda Bell24 Apr 190824 Aug 1992Center
StitesFrancis C.18841967Center
StitesMinnie K.18941962Center
SwiftAnthony26 Mar 179719 Jul 1870North
SwiftB. H.23 Jul 183730 Jun 1924North
SwiftJuliann12 Oct 183822 Dec 1878Northwife of B.H. Swift
SydowWanda Hauptman19222007Center
TetenBarbara J. (Lockwood)26 Jun 1936South
TetenBobby Dell19551955Center
TetenRobert H.16 Aug 1933Center
TritschLeslie Ann19822005South
TuckerEdith21 Aug 188968y 5m 24dNorth-
TuckerEmily J.4 Oct 183324 Nov 1894NorthMother
TuckerFrances17 Apr 18699 Oct 1902NorthMother - wife of L.B. Tucker - also small stone w/same info
TuckerFreeman B.22 Aug 188866y 7m 24dNorth
TuckerInfant SonNorthson of O P & Elizabeth E Tucker
TuckerJoseph14 Sep 18339 Apr 1911NorthFather
TuckerLester B19 Jan 18624 Mar 1939NorthFather- also Funeral marker- -also small stone w/same info
unknownNorthcement base only
unknownNorthcement base only
Van WinkleLillian18821931North
VanwinkleOra M.18721956Center
WalterEliza L.23 Aug 188440y 5m 23dNorthwife of E.T. Walters
WalterJueyett23 Oct 18641y7m23dNorthdaughter of E.T. & E.L. Walter
WatkinsAlfred29 Aug 18769 Jul 1944Center
WatkinsBarbara Elizabeth31 Aug 185310 Jul 1942Center
WatkinsGertrude18811916Centerwife of Thomas J.
WatkinsWilliam E.27 Aug 186730 Jun 1950Center
WilcoxSusan8 Oct 188272y3m21dNorth
WilliamsHarden M.19 Nov 185210 Dec 1881Northson of T.D. & E. Williams
WilsonDavid B10 Nov 196322 Nov 1996South
WilsonDonald L.1920Center1920 only date
WilsonGeorge G. 'Dick'19162005South
WilsonGeorge M.18721931Center
WilsonInfant Jill20 Sep 1992Southdaughter of Rich & Sandy
WilsonKathryn L.19241979South
WilsonLeland F.1912Center1912 only date
WilsonLucille M.19101912Center
WilsonMary A.25 Sep 183014 Mar 1889Northwife of Wm Wilson
WilsonMary M.18861937Center
WintjenLeanah30 Nov 189225y 6m 10dNorthwife of Her Wintjen
WorrellJohn S.25 Aug 18763y 1m 11dNorth
WorrellLaura21 Aug 18766y 4m 6dNorth
WorrellMary Francis3 Sep 187611y9m 27dNorth
WorrellRebecca J.22 Sep 183811 Oct 1901NorthMother - nee Dunwoody
WorrellRosetta Jane6 Sep 187618y 11m29dNorth
WrenEmma S.18971979Center
WrenN. Faye18981972Center

This burial listing was born of a joint project between the Glenrock Cemetery Association and the Nemaha Valley Genealogical Society. Members of each walked the Glenrock Cemetery, recording names and dates.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
Glenrock Cemetery Treasurer
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