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Many renovation activities have taken place at the Glenrock Cemetery, including fence replacement, tree removal and planting and benches “for the living” placed. The first set of benches was placed in memorial to former Trustee Dennis Lavigne by his family (Sally, Wendy and husband Tony, and Brian and wife Crystal and their children) and Lavigne-Kernes Farms, Inc. Mr. Lavigne served as a Glenrock Cemetery Association Trustee for many years, often providing heavy equipment during spring cleanup activities. (from the Lavigne-Kernes families)

The two benches above in Section III, on the south side of the cemetery, and the two benches below in Section I, on the north side of the cemetery, are a result of a long thought-out plan. We have observed that there are folks who like to come visit the cemetery and just spend time being close to the resting place of their loved ones. Also we took note that many of our visitors have difficulty walking about. We felt that placing benches would be of benefit.

The first two benches were placed by the Lavigne families as noted above. The last two were placed by the Association Board in May of 2010. They were purchased from River Valley Monuments and set by them. This small vacant area where they sit was once occupied by a storage shed and it has been long gone. There have never been any burials in this spot.

While we are open to suggestions for the upkeep and improvement of the grounds, we keep in mind that whatever is placed or planted will be more for the grounds keeper to contend with, so we try to keep it simple.

It is our hope that when people come to visit the Glenrock Cemetery they will be assured that their loved ones' final resting place is an attractive and well-cared for place. (from Ruth Leslie)

FEBRUARY 2, 1981

C.P. Lockwood - portrait C.P. Lockwood - grave with flag C.P. Lockwood - portrait
Flag certificate

Pete's son, Fred and wife, Bernice Snodgrass Lockwood, were instrumental in securing a 12' pole for the flag. Pete passed away on January 6, 1982. Every Memorial Day since that time it has been placed at his grave in Glenrock Cemetery by Robert (Bob) Teten. Bob is married to Pete's granddaughter, Barbara Lockwood Teten, and in later years their son, Scott Teten, helped with the flag. In recent years it became necessary to replace the original flag with another.

Charles P. was the son of Alfred and Ellen Whitlow Lockwood. Ellen died at the age of 31 years leaving her husband and children: James H. 14, Emma J. 13, Mary M. 10, Sarah E. 8, William T. 5, Charles Peter (Pete) 2 and Edwin W. 6 months. Alfred later married Mary Jane Williamson.

Pete attended Rock Creek and Cottonwood rural school and graduated from the Lincoln School of Commerce in 1900. In 1899, when a teenager, he topped 480 competitors for the Nebraska ciphering championship. The match took place at the old Lincoln Business College, predecessor to the Lincoln School of Commerce. Teachers and others were entered from all over the state but he was a rapid calculator and won by adding 100 figures--that is, a column of 10 numbers deep--in 32 seconds. Honored in 1970 as a 70 year graduate of the Lincoln school, Lockwood attended most of it's annual commencement exercises in later years.

C. P. and Maude Beatty were married in 1901 and she passed away in 1930. They had two daughters, Mrs. Charles (Inez) Hawley and Mrs. Claude (Helen) Clouse and two sons, Leo and Fred. In 1931 he married Edna Mills and she died in 1958.
Pete farmed in the Brock community for most of his adult life. He also took an active interest in his community and served on the Brock School Board for 32 years, helping with the consolidation of that district.
Pete was in excellent hea1th all of his life. He moved to the Nemaha County Good Samaritan Nursing Home on November 24, 1980 to spend his winters but would go home in the spring. He was of sound mind until shortly before his death and passed away on January 6, 1982, having reached the age of 100 years, eleven months and six days.

Submitted by Barbara Lockwood Teten in 2010

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
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